Your View….or Review

Raspberries just picked.

After one year of posting articles, reviews, recipes and such, it is now time for you to put pen to paper and share with me.  I invite you to use this place to post your words of praise or encouragement for Lady Locavore and everyone else to see!   I always welcome your comments and ideas. Use this space to let everyone know how much you are enjoying your CSA, the recipes, the articles, the blog in general, or what ever current relevant issues you may be thinking about lately.  How am I doing so far?


8 Responses to Your View….or Review

  1. Jo-Anne says:

    Lady Locavore you are always so inspiring with how to prepare our many veggies. I enjoy reading your posts. The book reviews have been great too. I have gone out to buy some of the ones that I have not had the luck to win!!


  2. Janet Gardner says:

    and the website that might be of interest….


  3. Janet Gardner says:

    A suggestin for a future book review…..

    *Growing a Garden City: Written by Jeremy N. Smith. Published in 2010 by Sky Horse Publishing (Thomas Allen in Canada). London Public Library call # 635.0978685 Smi


  4. From Chandra:
    “Love the tortillas! I still had the dried beans from two weeks ago, so today I cooked them and enjoyed the beans and tortillas together; burrito style, with fresh onion, lettuce and tomato from the veggie box. The little treats like the beans, maple syrup and now tortillas really make it feel like veggie christmas each week. Thanks for your work!”



    • Angie says:

      I never received the tortillas that week…was this a bigger box suprise, I just have the medium size box.


      • Angie, that was one of the many surprises we received last summer. I hope we get some new and exciting things this season as well. We never know. It is like Christmas every Thursday!


  5. Bonita from Thomas Allen & Son, wrote Lady Locavore with this…”That’s great to hear that you enjoy our books! I love what you do with them on your blog and am happy to hear that you’ve been getting a lot of positive response on those posts!…Thanks for sharing the link. I look forward to seeing what you do with those books this summer.”


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