Organic CSA Details – London Ontario

 HOPE London Triple Cord CSA Summer 2021  Or for more details send email to

HOPE London Triple Cord CSA –    Certified Organic                                        

Pick Up Day in the Garage

This London’s HOPE Triple Cord Summer CSA, Community Shared Agriculture 

Sign up now as shares go fast. Pick-Up Day is EVERY Thursday.

Secure your share with a cheque, or money order.  A convenient payment plan is available to those who choose that option.

The Summer garden always brings amazing fresh flavours and a bounty of good things from the warm summer earth, full of vitality and nutrition, all healthy, Certified Organic, and Local. Tell your friends and begin a carpool for your shares.

Cheques and Money Orders made out to IRA STOLL are accepted and mailed to the administration office (in Hamilton admin address) to enjoy the bounty of the up and coming season.

Yummy Veggies
Yummy Veggies

As CSA participants, we are interdependent humans living in a certain region, depending on one another for part of our food, health, and livelihoods. CSA’s support both the farmer and the eater. It goes much deeper than a purely monetary transaction. The CSA farmer knows who their customers are, what they like, and how much to grow for them. They also have up-front operating capital so that they have the money to grow our food. They don’t have to go to a bank or rely on high interest credit cards. The interest they pay to the CSA customer is good value, incredible freshness, variety, and other  enlightening values.

There are many box schemes and food subscription services popping up right and left that are not the same thing as farmer owned/operated CSA’s in our area, and don’t provide the same benefits for farmers nor eaters. This is not to say that some aggregated models that assemble foods from multiple farmers, ranchers, and food artisans are bad, indeed they offer an outlet for lots of producers that could be critical for their success. If the service sources locally, pays farmers fair prices, and is clear about their values, all is well.  Keep in mind the importance and value of a real CSA that is owned, sustained and operated by a farmer or group of farmers.

If you want to go further in your relationship and deepen your values of interdependence with your local farmer(s), then consider signing up for our CSA. And do it soon

Get Ready for the taste of an organic summer garden!

Enjoy!  L.L

Aylmer and area residents can visit the HOPE Eco-Farm Store at 50521 Glencolin Line, Aylmer ON and purchase market style throughout the summer, except Sunday.  Enjoy all the benefits and rewards of fresh local organic eating. Mother nature while changing seasons, keeps providing us with fresh local crops and tender, tasty produce, all certified organic.

Ontario CSA Farm Directory

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2 Responses to Organic CSA Details – London Ontario

  1. Nicole says:

    I am interested in a share. I am aware that 2015 is likely sold out but am very interested for next year. When should I sign up?
    Thank you


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