Pullet Eggs

Get Cracking! I am not sure if you have noticed some weeks lately that you we are getting smaller than usual eggs in some of our cartons, and we are offering 1 1/2 dozen cartons of Pullet Eggs.  We are trying to alternate and make sure everyone has nice large eggs almost every week as much as possible, and the occasional box with smaller ones. This has occurred because of our CSA group and our love of free-range organic eggs. Our demand for eggs is such that the farm has had to acquire some new laying hens to meet the demand and produce enough for us. The new hens are called Pullets. Females over a year old are known as Hens, and younger females are Pullets. Pullet eggs start off very small. They are quite cute actually. Once the hens fully mature, they will produce larger eggs. It’s just a matter of time until they are up and running with a nice sized egg.  They are still a great quality, and taste, and you may need to put an extra egg into a recipe, but the ones we have been getting recently are small, but not too small. The sunny-side-up eggs are so cute and so tasty. Egg in a nest is great for breakfast, and deviled Pullet Eggs are just the ticket for kids at a picnic too!

Thank you from Farm and the hens for your patience.

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2 Responses to Pullet Eggs

  1. Jeannette James says:

    I thought that our pullets tasted a little richer and creamier than regular sized eggs and so I did a little research this morning. This is what I found:

    – Pullet hens usually produce the best quality eggs.
    – The yolk to white ratio is greater in a pullet, in favor of yolk. And some yolks can be the same size as a regular sized egg, making the egg creamier and richer.
    – Many pastry chefs prefer pullet eggs because of their richness, making souffles rise higher.

    Everyone should try them at least once. And kids just love their small size.


  2. Carrie says:

    We loved our carton of cute eggs! 🙂


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