Rhubarb Punch


What beautiful summer-like weather we’ve had. Summer is just around the corner.  It is hard to stay inside the house and do house chores when the sun and warmth are finally here. After working outside in the yard in the heat, I made some rhubarb punch to reward and refresh us all.


2 cups finely chopped rhubarb
4 cups water
3/4 cup sugar
juice of 1 lemon
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup ginger ale

Pour water into a sauce pot, and then add sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Add rhubarb, and bring to a boil. Once mixture reaches boiling, boil for two minutes and then remove from heat. Strain rhubarb, and allow juice to cool to room temperature (about 2 hours). Pour juice into a pitcher and add lemon juice, orange juice, and ginger ale. Serve over ice.

recipe adapted from The Mennobrarian

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1 Response to Rhubarb Punch

  1. OH, this sounds wonderful! I have to go find some more rhubarb now. It’s just past the season, but I’ll have to look. I’ve never even heard of something like this before, but it makes a certain amount of sense.


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