What’s in this Week’s Box?

This page is a work in progress.

Why don’t the veggies in my box come all clean and washed like in the store?

As soon as you get your box of fresh organic produce, open it, take inventory, and put your precious vegetables away accordingly.  Many people seem to think they can leave their produce in the box until ready to use, which is good for a few veggies like potatoes, onions or squash, but tender ones who thrive in cooler temperatures prefer special care. Unlike grocery store produce which has been gassed or put on ice as soon as picked for transportation, our local organic healthy vegetables are usually picked hours prior to coming to you for the best nutrients possible, with the exception of winter storage crops.  All produce has a protective bloom on it, a natural protection. When produce is washed, the protective bloom washes away along with any dirt. The big produce packers have to put inert gases into their salad bags to help preserve the greens after they wash it so it doesn’t turn to slime by the time it reaches its destination. They also wax cucumbers, peppers, apples and other items, even organic ones, for the same reason.  Our Veggies are not waxed.  Lettuces want to wilt for the lack of water that they can suck up at will when in the ground as do radishes and other delicate veggies.  A good drink and a place in the cold perks them back up in no time at all.

To use this page, Simply click on the links below and discover what to do with and how to store what’s in this week’s box.

Asparagus – this veggie doesn’t need to be washed right away, just stored in a damp environment, like wrapped in a wet paper towel in the crisper.

Carrots – Keep carrots fresh by not washing them until needed. The tops can be dried and used like parsley in recipes.

Leaf Lettuce & Spring Greens – wash right away and store in the refrigerator to keep this lettuce lasting for as long as you wish.  I have had some last me two weeks. As Naomi says, “Who wants to keep lettuce for two weeks?”

See how to properly open your CSA Veggie Box.  We are all about reduce, reuse and recycle. You can also store them flat for easy storage until the next veggie day.

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1 Response to What’s in this Week’s Box?

  1. one member just put this in my email….We are definitely interested in the summer box and will bring our form in after March break.
    I am still so very impressed with everything. Even the winter box is more than I ever expected.
    Thanks for your hard work in distributing etc.


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