Local organics, all year ’round | London | News | London Free Press

Local organics, all year ’round | London | News | London Free Press. click here

Winter Garden Carrots, fresh from the earth

Hey Everyone I am so excited!  As the program enters it’s third year, Triple Cord CSA and the Miller Family have finally made it to the press.  More and more people are becoming aware of what we are doing in Aylmer and in the process, discovering the value of eating fresh, eating local and eating organic.  The Miller Family were visited in the freezing rain by the London Free Press early this week. Curious to see how anyone could farm during the winter months, they brought out their reporter, and videographer along with lots of high-tech equipment and taped this segment featuring the Cool-Hoop-Houses that they use to grow our very own veggies during the dreary winter months.

Winter Garden, inside

The winter garden is a serene and peaceful place protected with a shell of Aluminium frame tubing and heavy gauge plastic from the wind and bitter cold outside.  It is refreshing to see the green carrot tops poking happily out of the ground, and the tiny spinach plants pushing their way out of the rich vibrant soil.  Spring Mix Greens are shooting eagerly out of the ground in a colourful display of green and red, just asking to be picked.  The ever-present sun’s energy is gently warming the earth inside each day, while the cold, cutting and unforgiving wind blows only millimetres away on the other side of the protective plastic cover.

Weather on the outside of the Winter Garden

Tell all your friends, and take a look at this link to see the video of our veggies and how they are growing in the cool-hoop-houses.  Those of you who have joined our Winter/Spring 2011 group will be eating and enjoying these veggies next week.  Exciting stuff!  Take a look, and look for the article in the LFP today.

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2 Responses to Local organics, all year ’round | London | News | London Free Press

  1. Jim says:

    thnx bro


  2. Dwayne says:

    The best place to grow winter vegetables is in a cool shaded place as they relish cooler temperatures for growth.


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