“Monster Melon”

We had quite a fun day, guessing the weight and finding a name for the Jumbo Organic Watermelon that came up with our boxes recently from Aylmer.  This was a contest to see who could guess the correct weight of this rather large member of the Cucurbitaceae family without lifting it up, and in the event of a tie, a unique or funny name.  We had loads of great names, and some honourable mentions,

  • “Perry” was a close 40 lbs.,
  • “Francois Gros d’eau” was a shy 40 lbs,
  • “Simon” came in short at 42 lbs,
  • “Melina” was very close at 42 lbs

Monster Melon 42.7 pounds!

“Monster Melon” actually weighed in at 42.7 lbs.  Samira guessed 42.6 lbs and was the winner!  Yay, there will be a melon party at her house this weekend!

Watermelon is an excellent source of Vitamin C, which is a major antioxidant, high in beta carotene, vitamin B, especially B1 and B6, potassium, magnesium and lycopene, an antioxidant known for its affects to reduce cancer risks.

Samira enjoy your melon!  Watermelon, Chilled and Sliced, in a Salad, as a Juice for a refreshing beverage or add a little Vodka for a Melonade Martini (see recipe for Melonade), or as a Sorbet.  Have a watermelon spitting contest with friends, and neighbourhood kids.  Make seed pictures, or here’s the “kicker”, toss Monster Melon in a pool with a bunch of kids or adults and watch the fun. Divide into two teams and play watermelon swimming soccer!  Enjoy Samira!

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1 Response to “Monster Melon”

  1. Samira Dean says:

    The melon was actually yellow-orange inside. Very cool!!!


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