One Delivery Day…

Our regular driver Charlie was vacationing in the US, attending a wedding.  An old neighbour of his, an Amish family, the who he used to drive for had a son getting married, and he and his wife Mary were so fortunate to be invited.  This, however left us with a big problem.  No driver for delivery week….  So, we thought about it, and Bev and I decided to give it a try.

Our "Fully Loaded Van" on Pick-Up Day

So, Thursday pick-up day came along.  We struggled the back seat out of our van, lined the floor with a waterproof tarp, hopped in and drove down the dusty, beautiful back roads to Aylmer.  Soon, we arrived at the farm and found a huge stack of freshly packed boxes awaiting us in the drive shed.  The family was not too sure if all our boxes would fit in our somewhat spacious interior, but luckily James with his skill of packing a truck for market, did a remarkable job and fit every box, extras included, in just right.  It was nice to have a brief visit with Naomi and the children, and feel the fresh country breeze.  A few of the hens found shade under the van while we were loading, and the boys were forced to poke and shoo them out from under the cool shade before we left, to avoid “pressed chicken”.  We took with us 50 dozen eggs from those hens, for our group to enjoy.  That’s a lot of eggs.  600 to be exact. We drove very carefully home, with the wonderful fresh aromas of our amazing organic produce drifting around us as we cruised down the road back to London.  Our bounty was unloaded just in time for our 4:00pm opening.  I must say we were a bit exhausted at the end of that day.  That’s a lot of work, and we didn’t even lift a finger to plant, grow, nurture, pick, wash and pack any of the share boxes.  I am amazed at how much work and dedication goes into those boxes from the Miller Family.  Without bragging, I must humbly say that we have a good team. What with the family and all the Amish neighbours who aid us on a weekly basis, without us even knowing, who put the good wholesome food on our tables.  We are truly blessed.

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