Locavore Learner

Locavore Learner – The Organic University Student

Lady Locavore’s daughter “Locavore Learner” is spreading her wings once again and will be attending University of Toronto for the next 3 or 4 years.  Sending her to University has been a bit hard, especially when she has been away from home for 3 years, working and performing on Holland America and Celebrity Cruise ships.  But it is an exciting part of her life, and it is fun watching her grow.  While working onboard the ships, she was catered to hand and foot, by the fact that there were employees there preparing her food and making her bed.  No access to homemade food made her crave all that is good and healthy.  All the stuff she has been raised on.  So every Thursday for the past 8 weeks she has been home, she went through our box and browsed the new cookbooks we keep getting to the house, and started creating some of her own recipes.  One of which is her Ratatouille recipe.  Mom and Dad and Brother have been so lucky to be treated to gourmet-style dishes, desserts and what mom wouldn’t like to have all her veggies washed and put away for her at the end of Veggie Day?  She is still creating masterpieces of her own in Toronto at her new little apartment, and will be adding to my blog her newest experiments.  Let’s see what she comes up with?

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