What is a Locavore, you ask?

A Locavore is a person who believes that one should eat and obtain food that is local, seasonal, organic and sustainable within a hundred mile or 160 km geographic area. A growing segment of the population agrees that politically, economically, socially and health-wise, this is an efficient way to eat. With posting recipes here, I attempt to adhere to the locavore principles where possible, but at the same time take into account the limitations that some people face in their attempts to find good local food. My hope is that you too will become a Locavore.  Join our CSA and take my Locavore Learner sessions to learn more.

Welcome to Lady Locavore’s blog. Here I invite all to share their comments and ideas.  I will be posting loads of recipes and ideas for everyone.  I plan to share in community as well as knowledge, the benefits of eating Local.  I will be posting various relevant articles for our group, all of which will be either very educational as to Local Food, and Local Agriculture or very enlightening as to make us aware of our world around us and why we do go to such lengths to seek good food.

VISIT Locavore Learner Courses:   HOPE Triple Cord – Locavore Learner

Enjoy, L.L

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2 Responses to What is a Locavore, you ask?

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