Heritage Pork

Good tasting, superior quality, pastured on grasses for higher nutrient levels of omega-3 fatty acids, beta carotene and CLA. Never any antibiotics or growth hormones.

Barbeque pigs 25 – 30 lbs. $5.00/lb $ 150.00 minimum
Finished Hogs, sold by carcass weight
50 lb $ 4.00/lb
100 lb $ 3.50/lb
150 – 200 lb.  $ 3.00/lb
Whole or half carcass cut in half, 150 – 200 lbs. $ 3.50/lb.
(Custom Butchering cost extra)


Pork chops 3/4″ thick 5 lb box $ 23.00
Fresh Sausage: Farm Style, Oktoberfest, Hot Italian and Bratwurst
frozen box, 5 lb.  $ 4.00/lb = $20.00
Mini Breakfast Sausage, Maple flavour and Bratwurst
frozen box, 5 lb. $ 4.00/lb = $20.00
Ground Pork,  5 lb. size package only, $ 4.00/lb. =$20.00
Smoked Ham bone-in, 10, 15 and 20 lb. size $ 4.00/lb.
Smoked Ham boneless, 5 – 8 lb. size $ 4.50/lb.
Smoked Bellies (bacon, un-sliced) min. 2.5 lb $ 5.00/lb.
Smoked Sausage: Farm Style, Garlic Farm Style
sealed in packages, 1 lb, 2.5 lb., and 5 lb. $ 5.00/lb $5.00, $12.50 and $25.00
Sliced Bacon, frozen 5 lb. box $25.00

The Large Black is ideally suited to small farms and sustainable agriculture operations – this is a pig that can produce a quality product for an ever-increasing niche market. The pigs are fed on grass, legumes, herbs and other forages such as turnips and kale. They receive no corn or soybeans, but are supplemented with grains such as barley, oats and flaxmeal. Thanks to micro-marbling of intra-muscular fat, the Large Black is extremely moist, juicy and flavourful. This pork is a favorite among the renowned chefs of Toronto, and London, where it’s served in the most exclusive restaurants known. It is of a darker color with a richer taste. It is a traditional heritage breed with origins in the Old English Hog of the 16th and 17th century. The breed was prized for their superior mothering abilities and was well-known as excellent grazing pigs. They were often used to pick up windfalls in orchards. In fact, they were nicknamed the orchard sow. Their black colouring allows them to withstand hot summers outdoors and avoid sunburn. These virtues coupled with their hardiness and docile temperament makes them suitable for free-range pork. Heritage livestock breeds remain in very few numbers on very few farms, championed by a dedicated breed of farmer that believes in the importance of genetic diversity in agriculture. These farmers recognize the value of breeds that may produce fewer offspring or take longer to reach market weight. But these farmers need to survive. When you choose to eat heritage meat, you support the traditional small farmer.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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